Visual design

The mind of a UX designer, the eye of a visual designer. Projects include: UX/UI designs, products, logos, and brand development.

Before wading into the world of UX, I was (and still am) a visual designer. I enjoy providing creative identities for businesses and individuals. Below is a mix of various projects I've had the honor to work on over the years. These clients range from non-profits, higher-ed, individuals, real estate and more.

Trail Cover, product design: Rebranding insect repellant to not suck

Nuzzle, UX and brand design: An innovative app to help soothe anxious pets

Atlo, brand design: Atlanta's first bulk refill shop providing sustainable home and health products.

TrailĀ Cover, Product Design šŸŒ²

Project Details

Software used: Illustrator, ProCreate, Photoshop

Project Partner: Cal Brackin

My role and responsibilities: logo development, branding, copy for marketing materials

Problem: Insect repellant is either filled with deet, not effectively bottled for backpacking, and/or doesn't smell pleasant to cover your body with.

Solution: TrailĀ Cover is a natural and effective insect repellant concentrate made in a lightweight and sustainable way. It smells great, is safe for all skin types, and is light weight for using out on the trails and fitting into a backpack.

Logo sketches

Initial sketches and ideation for trail cover.

Packaging design


Final packaging design for TrailĀ Cover.

Storyboard concepts

Customer storyboard experience.
Developed a social media campaign called smell the trail, where we followed brand ambassadors through their outdoor adventures and highlighted the benefits of Trail Cover on their journey.
OOH advertising designed for TrailĀ Cover launch highlighting the social campaign smell the trail.

Nuzzle, UI/UX Design šŸ¶

Project details

Software used: Illustrator and Figma

Project Partner: Devva Sanders

My role and responsibilities: logo sketching, brand development, custom illustrations, wireframes, UX/UI design, prototyping

Problem: During the COVID-19 pandemic pets became used to having their owners home and present at all times. As the world transitions to a post-pandemic state, research has found an increase in pets anxiety levels and ability to be home alone.

Solution: Meet Nuzzle. Nuzzle is a sound app that provides calming and familiar noises to your furry best friend while you're away from home. Nuzzle pairs with your TV or bluetooth speaker in your home and control the sounds and volumes from your phone while you're away from home. Through Nuzzle you can play sounds you specifically selected for your pet. Nuzzle also features the ability for the owner to record their own voice into the sounds so their pet hears calming affirmations throughout their Nuzzle listening time.

Research: Academic studies confirm music plays an important role in calming animals. There is currently no other app on the market with the features and capabilities of Nuzzle.

Logo sketches

Logo sketches for Nuzzle

Final logo mark

Final Nuzzle logo and wordmark

Style tile

Style tile of branding for Nuzzle

Information architecture

Information architecture created for the app


Initial wireframes for the Nuzzle app

Onboarding screens


Nuzzle onboarding screens

Custom illustrations

Custom illustrations created for the onboarding process. These categories help give suggested sounds to the user based on the pets preferences.

UX Screens

After selecting three categories the user will be brought to the home screen with suggested sounds.
The library page (screen one) highlights recently played sounds and allows you to have favorite sounds saved. The profile page (screen three) allows the user to have specific preferences for their pet and pair a device to play sounds while away.

Nuzzle AppleĀ TV integration

Nuzzle app paired with an Apple TV for streamed playing while away.

Atlo šŸ’§

Project details: Atlo is Atlanta's first bulk refill partner launching in 2021-22. Atlo partners with customers to purchase sustainable house and beauty products with reusable and recyclable containers. Customers can then refill their containers with high-quality products to take an easy step to zero waste living.

Software used: Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshopā€

Brand identity: Health + beauty + home sustainable product brand

Brand tone: Personable, Fun, Helpful- Educational, Force for Change, Lifestyle, Change Driver

Target audience: Convenience-motivated semi-eco conscious health+beauty+home product shoppers



FInal logo

Brand colors

Logo variations

Brand icons

Brand guidelines prepared for client

Bulk refill delivery van

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