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I'm Alex.

👋 I'm a UX, product and visual designer. I solve user problems through a human-centered design approach.


Designing for growth

A case study for Fast, one click checkout. Constructing a design process to achieve specific growth metrics. I completed a four step process to target a problem, identify leading metrics to change, design an experiment, and prototype a solution.

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Building a product from the ground up

Researching the problem of human connection amidst a global pandemic. We created a product to help people connect more intentionally with physically-distant friends and family. Includes: entrepreneurship, brand design, concept testing, user research and prototyping.

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Increasing findable opportunities for students

Rethinking the student journey through simplifying user paths and creating focused information architecture.

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Crafting a unique user experience

Rating beer through an app shouldn't be boring. We paired AI technology and advanced user interactions to create a memorable user experience. Includes: branding, user flows, wireframes, user testing, and prototyping.

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Visual design

The mind of a UX designer, the eye of a visual designer. Projects include: UX/UI designs, products, logos, and brand development.

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