It is nice to meet you! Well, not officially...yet. But consider this a virtual handshake.
I am Alexandra, but you can call me Alex since we’re now friends.

I created my first design at the age of 16 (shoutout to Photoshop Elements) and have been growing as a student and designer since then. I believe that no matter how many years of experience you possess, you should always remain a student of design. Design is constantly changing and evolving, from style to software used, which makes me determined to keep a hunger for growth. I love the process of executing designs, but I also love the challenge of learning new skillsets and expanding my knowledge as a designer as often as I can. To me being a graphic designer is truly a dream job and opportunity to combine both my passion and skills to invest in the things I care most about.

I graduated from The University of Oklahoma in 2016 with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Enterprise Studies. For the past three years I’ve worked as Creative Director for Frontline Church, where I had the opportunity to serve four churches in all their graphic design and website needs. Including designing all printed materials, digital images, social media images, and website updates for a church of 2,500 - 3,000 weekly attendees. As well as, leading creative volunteers and giving brand direction to the non-profit as a whole.


  • Concepting design campaigns from start to finish

  • Print layout and publications

  • Social media designs, planning, & scheduling

  • Email marking & campaigns

  • Photography

  • Brand identity and logo creation

  • Using design elements and photography to tell stories 

  • Wordpress design integration


I have experience in branding, designing, and logo development for non-profits, churches, businesses, and assisting marketing teams.

Let's work together! 


Check out Plains Print & Design to see my side hobby/passion project.


  • 25

  • Opportunity-Maker

  • Dallas Stars Fan

  • OU Sooner Alumni (Boomer)

  • Koda Norman Crossfiter

  • Chai Tea Drinker

  • Texan-gone-Okie

  • Mountain Lover

  • Sourdough Bread Baker